photo (3)Are you planning on taking an overnight Rocky Mountain hiking trip before the weather starts to get cold? Whether you are planning to stay for just one night or you want to stay for a week, you need to know how to pack your backpack correctly! When you know how to distribute the weight in your back evenly, you will have a much more enjoyable experience. That is why we have come up with this list of tips to help you to pack your backpack like a pro:

  • Top- You will need to place the items that you need easy access to at the top of your bag. Make sure that these items are on the lighter side.
  • Middle- Carry the heavier items, like your cook set, in the middle of your back close to your spine. This allows you the carry the bulk of the weight with your torso, rather than with your shoulders. You can stuff some of your lighter-weight items, like your extra clothes or your tent fly, around your heavier items for more support.
  • Bottom- The bottom of your backpack should be reserved for the things that you will need at night, like your sleeping bag.
  • Outer Pockets- This is the best place for you to keep things that you will need often throughout your day. You will want to keep your first aid kit, sunscreen, flashlight, map, compass, and snacks in your outer pockets.
  • Outer Straps- The bottom and side straps are where you secure your trekking poles, tent poles, and sleeping pad.

The best part about booking a trip with Kirks Mountain Adventures is we provide everything for you, we even can get a llama to carry the heavy load. So don’t let another year go by without experiencing the Rocky Mountains the way they were intended. Book your backpacking trip today!