Hit The Trail In Winter

KMA Snowshoe TrailBackpacking trips should be enjoyed year-around. In Colorado the winter time can be both magical and beautiful. Experienced backpackers enjoy weekend getaways no matter what time of year. Inexperienced outdoors-men and women should consider finding a company to provide a guided backpacking trip in Estes Park during the winter.

Winter means that higher elevations will probably have a layer of snow that tends to hide trails, and paths. There is also a possibility that now may fall during the night which can obscure the inbound and outbound trails from your overnight camp. Not only should you have packed the proper cold-weather backpacking gear, you should have hired a professional. An expert guide knows the areas that you are backpacking in like the backs of their hands. They also possess survival skills that other backpackers may not have.

Hiring the right guide can be the key to survival if an emergency were to occur. Choosing the right guide will mean that you have an expert on terrain and survival skills. They may also be the only person who knows how to get you back to help. Also, the right guide may know the area so well that they will show you hidden locations you would not have found on your own.

Kirk’s Mountain Adventure offers a full range of guided backpacking trips in locations all around Colorado. Each of their guides are experts in their respective specialties. You can read all about each of our guides and trip options before you make a final decision. As a family owned and operated business we want each of our customers to have an amazing experience. Give us a call if you have any questions about winter backpacking trips.