Guided Hiking Trips Estes ParkThere is nothing quite like going on a guided backpacking trip in Estes Park, but your trip can easily be scary and miserable if you aren’t prepared. At Kirks Mountain Adventures we want to help you to enjoy your backpacking trip, which is why we have come up with this list of the top 5 must-haves for your backpacking trip:

  1. Navigation: No matter how good your sense of direction is, we all need a little bit of help every once in a while. Stay prepared for anything by bringing a detailed map of the park and a compass.

  2. Pocket knife: A good pocket knife will come in handy in many ways during your backpacking trip. Try to find one with tools, like a Swiss Army Knife. Many of these come with scissors, a can opener and more.

  3. First-aid kit: You never know what could happen on your trip, so you want to make sure that you have plenty of bandages, anti-bacterial ointment, rubbing alcohol, etc. You should also ensure that you know how to use everything that comes in your first-aid kit. It is a good idea to purchase a small first-aid book to go with your kit.

  4. Food: It is all too easy to get lost or stuck in bad weather, which could delay your trip. This is why it is smart to bring additional food with you, even if you are just going on a day hike. Make sure that the food that you bring is ready to eat.

  5. Water filter: Backpacking is hard work and you could quickly drink all of the fresh water that you brought, without even thinking about it. Bring a water filter with you, like the LifeStraw, so that you can safely drink out of streams and other natural bodies of water.

Be Prepared

Regardless of whether you are on a guided trip with the experts from Kirks Mountain Adventures or on a solo backpacking trip in the Rocky Mountains, it is critical to be prepared. While the above tools are ideal, if not necessary, for survival, having the same mindset is critical to making it out of a situation alive. In the wild, the proper mental attitude will define the experience. It is important to know, when you are in a survival situation it is difficult to know how you will react in a specific situation. Many of us have very little experience with potentially life threatening situations and the expectations surrounding them. Having the proper gear and a survival kit will increase the likelihood that your mental coping skills will be much better. The one item to add to the list is matches or a lighter. While it is extremely unsafe to start a fire in Colorado due to the dry conditions but fire starting materials in a survival situation can save your life. Of course with our expert guides, you will not have to worry about being in a survival situation. We will make sure your experience is second to none and a trip of a lifetime. Contact us today to book your Rocky Mountain hiking trip today.