KMA Snowshoe TrailWinter day hikes can be much different than summer day hikes. The weather and temperature at the top of the mountain may be significantly different than at the trailhead. A guided hiking trip in Estes Park can prepare you for these different scenarios. Do not let cold temperatures or snow stop you from enjoying the beauty that is Estes Park during the winter.

Hike With The Experts

When you are ready to head out to a trailhead at Estes Park and do not feel entirely comfortable in your skills, hire a guide. The guided hiking trips in Estes Park through Kirk’s Mountain Adventures can point out all of the hidden gems that you may otherwise miss. The guides and Kirk’s Mountain Adventures can even help you properly prepare for your trip!

Proper Gear

First and foremost, you need to outfit yourself in the proper attire. Waterproof hiking boots, wool socks, and layers are perfect for winter weather. Also, stay away from cotton clothing which can become cold when waterlogged. Instead opt for moisture wicking materials. Even if is not too cold at the start of the hike, bring a warm, waterproof shell to protect you from wind and snow. In your day pack you should also include; hat, gloves, extra socks, and a scarf.

Be Prepared

The terrain may add some difficulty to your guided hiking trip in Estes Park. Snow, ice, and hidden rocks may add up to slips, trips, and falls. Snow shoes might be an option to keep you safe while on the trails. Crampons should also be easily accessible in case you and your fellow hikers come across ice. We also recommend a good pair of hiking poles for stability and balance. Remember that proper hydration and fuel are incredibly important even in the cold weather. Bring adequate supplies of both!

Visit Kirk’s Mountain Adventures to book your winter guided hiking trip in Estes Park! We look forward to hiking with you!