dreamstime_xxl_37686602Nothing quite compares to the glittering of gold aspens in the fall. Our guided hiking trips in Rocky Mountain National Park will take you through some of the most beautiful forests in Colorado, where you’ll be able to take in all the fall colors! You’ve enjoyed seeing green leaves and grasses throughout the summer, but fall often brings with it a multitude of colors that won’t last long. Get out there and enjoy them before winter comes.
No Overheating
Summer temperatures can make even the easiest hike a sweaty chore. With cooler temperatures, you’ll be able to hit the harder trails without fear of returning to your car soaked in sweat. You might even be able to take longer hikes as you won’t be focusing on how much you’re sweating!
Boost Your Mood
As the seasons change, Colorado often sees more cloud cover and precipitation. All the cloudy weather can put a damper on your mood. Going outside, even on a cloudy day, can improve your mood and help stave off those bad-weather blues.
Try New Things
Once the snow starts to fall, you’ll have the chance to try new sports. Whether you’re interested in cold-weather camping or you wish to try snowshoeing in the Rocky Mountain National Park, Kirk’s Mountain Adventures can help set you up with the gear you need.
Don’t hole up at home, waiting for warmer weather. Take advantage of everything Estes Park has to offer in the cooler months! Contact Kirk’s today to schedule a guided hiking trip this autumn!