OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWith Thanksgiving approaching and the insane holiday season right around the corner, the question of what to get those needy relatives is looming. The outdoor gift experts at Kirks Mountain Adventures are here for all of your Christmas gift needs. Now, for some, gift giving is just about the worst thing in the world and for some of us it is actually a talent. I think Kanye West is actually reputed to be an extraordinary gift giver, but who knows for sure—the guy is married to Beyoncé… right? Anyway, the two of them are just about a rich as you can get so they are bound to give amazing gifts. But what about regular people like us who scrape by, so we can stand in line at the store for a fake egg that purportedly will hatch and reveal a stuffed animal? The hatchling is said to be activated by a series of petting motions and hugs, after which the four-year-old will promptly throw the thing in a corner, never to be played with again. But whatever. What you may come to realize during this holiday season is that you need a vacation and what better time to see the Rocky Mountains than in the springtime. So ditch the dumb Christmas (hatchling) presents that you were going to get them and book a trip with Kirks.

Experiences Last a Lifetime

The thing about toys and diamonds is that they are only cool for a certain amount of time, after your wife or children grow tired of them they become relegated to storage. If you are like most of us you probably have a box full of used diamonds that you just can’t get rid of and that is why the gift of a Rocky Mountain experience is ideal for your family for Christmas. Kirks offers some of the most memorable wilderness experiences available and will produce memories you will never forget. When the kids ask where the cardboard box is with the egg or your wife asks where the diamonds are, you can show them Kirk’s website with the striking vistas and pristine mountain lakes, proudly telling them that you are taking a backpacking trip. Or maybe it is a llama pack trip that you have your eye on—remind the kids that they can actually ride the llamas to the camping destination.

Making Memories

The bottom line is, giving your family an experience like this is one of the best gift you can give. Any opportunity to build memories is a bonding experience for families and will be remembered for a lifetime. Getting away to the mountains is one of the single greatest trips you can take with your family. With Kirk’s you don’t have to worry about anything, leaving additional time to enjoy the scenery and your family. So ditch the diamonds and the hot toys for this year and give your family the best present ever, a trip with Kirks Mountain Adventures. Book now for the best dates available!