mummykil22What better way to explore the Rocky Mountain National Park than on horseback? You’ll see more of the park without the physicality of hiking the entire distance. Our guided overnight horseback trips are an excellent way for your family to see the park while experiencing camping with first class service. Horseback riding comes with its own challenges, though. Here are a few things you should keep in mind to best enjoy your overnight horseback riding trip.

  • Don’t’ be afraid to look around. Check out the scenery, twist in the saddle, and keep your shoulders loose. Looking around will help you stay limber and will help you enjoy the natural beauty of the park.

  • Stay hydrated! Estes park sits 7523’ above sea level and parts of the Rocky Mountain National Park are significantly higher up. Staying hydrated will help you avoid altitude sickness and will help you acclimate to the changes in elevation.

  • Listen to your guide. Your guide is an expert; they’ll tell you facts about the area as well as offer suggestions on how to ride. If they see anything wrong, they’ll help you correct it so you and your horse can enjoy the ride safely.

  • Remember to relax. If you’re new to riding, it’s easy to stiffen up, grip the reins, and focus on the fact that you’re riding a large animal with a mind of its own. Remember, our horses are picked based on your ability and your guide is there to offer advice and lend a hand. Relax, enjoy the trail, and take a deep breath.

Contact us today to schedule your summer’s guided hiking and horseback riding trips in Estes Park. We’ll make sure you have a fantastic time enjoying all that the Rocky Mountain National Park has to offer!