Longs Peak picture - keyholeSchool is quickly approaching and the time to take advantage of the gorgeous weather is drawing to a close. This is the last chance that parents may have to bond with their children over the summer holiday. Pull yourself away from work and take your children on a guided hiking trip in Estes Park. Do not spend anymore time procrastinating, in a few short weeks your children will be heading back to school. Guided hiking trips in Estes Park, CO are the perfect way to spend some quality time with your family before life begins to get in the way.

Let Kirks Handle The Details!

Coming up with your own hiking itinerary can be very time consuming and stressful. If you’re not an outdoors expert, you might find yourself obsessing over the details of a hiking trip. Don’t let that take all of the fun out of your adventure! Hiring a guide from Kirk’s Mountain Adventures will take all of the stress out of your upcoming hiking trip. Guides are knowledgeable and incredibly familiar with the trails, terrain, and weather reports. Instead of spending hours trying to find a waterfall or lake, a guide will get you there quickly and safely! When you aren’t worried about getting lost you have much more time to enjoy the beauty that surrounds your hiking group!

Personalized Rocky Mountain National Park Hikes!

Kirk’s Mountain Adventures offers personalized guided hiking trips in Estes Park, CO that will take you into the gorgeous Rocky Mountain National Park. Depending on what you want to accomplish during the trip, a guide will help you plan out the perfect family bonding experience. Just give us a call to schedule a trip before the stress of school sets in. Since there are only a few weeks left in the summer holiday, the time is now!