Rocky Mountain Hiking Trips
Do your kids only want to stay inside and stare at the TV or computer? Do you feel like you are pulling teeth just to get your kids outside? Spring is almost here once again, and it is time to get outside and enjoy the sunshine as a family, and Kirk’s Mountain Adventures can help. We offer a several guided Rocky Mountain hiking trips that your entire family can enjoy!

Kirk’s Can Get You There!

Whether you are looking for an overnight adventure or just something different to do on a sunny Saturday afternoon, we can give you a memorable adventure that you will love. If you are looking for a short, super fun hiking trip that you kid will love, then you should check out our kids llama rides. Your child will love to ride one of our llamas while you hike along with them in  beautiful Estes Park. If you are looking for an overnight trip then you should check out our Overnight Horseback Trips. This is truly an adventure that the whole family will love. If you are looking to enjoy the incredible scenery of the far reaches of the Rocky Mountain National Park, there is no better way to experience it than on horseback.

Get The Kids Outside!

Don’t let your kids sit hypnotized in front of the TV or the computer this spring. Get out as a family and enjoy the beauty of the Rockies with Kirk’s Mountain Adventures. We offer great deals and the chance to experience the beautiful outdoors as a family. Book your adventure with us today!