We’ve already started to get snow here in Colorado, and you know what that means — snowshoeing! Winter is one of our favorite seasons in Estes Park, and you should come and see the majestic beauty of our snow peaks for yourself! When you do, Kirk’s Mountain Adventures is here to help you get the most out of your experience with our snowshoeing trips. Depending on the length of trip you choose, we will provide the equipment you need, plus hot chocolate and lunch! Not to mention our friendly guide, who will show you the most picturesque views you can imagine. Photos truly cannot capture the awe-inspiring beauty of Colorado during this time of year — you have to see it in person. Before you do, here is how you can prepare for your snowshoeing trip:

Bundle Up


It gets cold up here in the mountains! Do yourself a favor and layer as much as possible. You may also want to bring hand warmers for extra heat.


Snowshoeing is exercise, so it will make you sweat. Prepare your body by drinking plenty of water before your trip.

Apply Sunscreen

You may be used to skipping sunscreen in the winter, but here in Colorado, it is sunny all the time, and the sun reflects off the snow to make it even stronger. Apply sunscreen to any exposed parts of your body to ensure you don’t get burned.

Bring Your Camera

You won’t regret bringing your camera when you are surrounded by so much natural beauty. Take lots of pictures so you can share them with your friends afterwards!