At Kirk’s Mountain Adventures, we see a wide range of attire when people embark on a guided hiking trip with us. One of the most important clothing items you can bring with you is a sturdy pair of hiking shoes. There are many types of shoes to choose from, but hiking sandals are one of the most popular during the Colorado summer. Here are a few pros and cons of hiking sandals for you to consider before taking off on one of our guided trips in Estes Park.


The Pros:

  • mummykil22Lighter than boots – Most hiking sandals are more lightweight than traditional hiking boots, reducing the amount of weight your legs have to move with each step. Over time, this can lead to a significant reduction in muscle fatigue, letting you go further, longer.

  • Breathability – Sandals are breathable and allow for plenty of cool airflow, while hiking boots are designed to keep the elements out.

  • Drying Time – Hiking sandals are quick-drying. Many of our guided hikes require crossing streams and your feet will get wet. With non-waterproof hiking boots, it may take a while for your feet to dry, while hiking sandals dry in a matter of minutes.

  • Comfort – Sandals are simply more comfortable as they allow your feet to breathe and do not restrict your toes as much as traditional boots.


The Cons:

  • dreamstime_xxl_12558600

    No ankle support – Hiking sandals may have a great footbed, but they offer no ankle support as you hike, making rough and uneven terrain difficult to navigate without straining your ankles.

  • Cuts and scrapes happen – Hiking sandals expose your feet to the terrain, meaning an unexpected stick or sharp rock may scrape and cut your foot.

  • Tick bites – Because your foot is exposed to the elements, hiking sandals offer little in the way of protection against ticks and other insects.


Before heading out on the trail, invest in a pair of high-quality hiking shoes. If you have any questions or concerns about the terrain your guided hike will cover, contact us. We’re happy to make recommendations on the appropriate gear for your hike.