dreamstime_l_15580219Winter is usually the time of year that people stay indoors snuggled in their comfortable clothing while sipping hot cocoa. It is also the time of year that people are the least active and gain the most weight. For those individuals who love the outdoors, guided hiking trips in Estes Park are still a viable option for exercise. The snow, ice, and temperatures tend to be deterrents for many people. With an experienced guide, hiking during the winter can be just as safe as any other time of the year.

Winter Wonderland

There are few things in the world that are as gorgeous as Estes Park during the winter months. The snow truly brings out the beauty of the area. Get out those hiking boots and discover all the hidden secrets the park has to offer. Now, layer up and lace up those hiking boots. A guided hiking trip in Estes Park will make you feel much more secure in your surroundings.

Trusted Guides

Thankfully having a guide during the winter can keep you out of sticky situations. They will have much more experience with the terrain, weather, and needs of winter hiking. Did you know that winter hiking burns almost 50% more calories than during the rest of the year? Probably not, but your guide would prepare you for that scenario.

Beat The Winter Blues

Kirk’s Mountain Adventure can save your winter blues. We have trips that will appeal to any member of the family. From day trips to fishing trips and overnight trips, we have you covered. All the gear you can ever need (aside from normal clothing) is also included in our packages. This winter get out of the house and enjoy the beauty that is Colorado in the winter.