mummykil22You can see it at sunrise for miles, standing next to irrigated fields of beans and sugar beets on the eastern plains. When the sun strikes the eastern horizon, its rays fall upon a diamond shaped wall scratched into the east facing buttress of the gorgeous Longs Peak. Somewhere up on the mountain, when the sun’s rays chase the high altitude nighttime chill away, there is a weary climber pushing the last few feet to the summit. The utter joy that comes with seeing the sunrise above the horizon from the top of Longs Peak is hard to describe. As you look east, it seems as if the the whole center of America opens up before you and you are seeing farther than anyone else at this moment. The butterflies of the narrows are long gone and the overwhelming beauty of standing on top of the world is a sensation that will stick with a person forever.

Scratch One Off

A trip up Longs Peak is a bucket list item for many. The iconic guardian of the front range has the power to add ten thousand dollars to a home’s value, simply because the mountain can be seen from the property. As a seemingly insurmountable challenge, the mountain has repelled many more climbers than have stood on her summit. She is not a simple afternoon stroll, it takes a bit of skill and a whole lot of luck to reak the top. In order to ensure a safe trip the summit and back, a guided trip from Kirks Mountain Adventures is the best possible choice. Let us help you scratch Longs off of your bucket list with a one or two day summit bid adventure.

The Stoic Mountain

The climb itself is not extremely difficult for someone who can hike 15+ miles, what turns the most climbers around is mother nature herself. The weather is the single most dangerous part about climbing Longs Peak, and relying on a guide offers the best chance for a successful summit bid. If not for the weather, mountaineering would be just another hike through an unbelievable landscape of boulders and jagged pinnacles of rock. In this high altitude zone, the weather does not allow for many forms of vegetation to thrive and the mountain is regularly pummeled by surprise snow showers and spectacular electrical storms. The animals that reside in this inhospitable area all head for treeline once the weather begins to turn dangerous and it is advisable for any climbers who are on the mountain to do the same when the storms pop up. It is incredible how fast a high altitude sorm can develop and become a hazard. This is one reason that Kirks Mountain Adventures starts the ascent at 2 A.M. Well that and seeing the sunrise from the summit is an experience that should not be missed.

Longs Peak picture - keyholePlan Your Summit Bid

At just over 14,259 feet above sea level, Longs Peak has a limited climbing season and we are currently right in the midst of it. Late July and August is the perfect time to reserve a guide for a summit bid. The reasoning behind this is the weather has a better chance of cooperating in this time period. The way the weather patterns work in Rocky Mountain National Park, damaging storms will generally for in the early afternoon and can form for the rest of the day. It is not out of the ordinary for a climber to experience snow in July which can turn conditions treacherous in a hurry. The guides of Kirks Mountain Adventures are all experienced and able to make judgment calls about whether or not to push on and when to abandon the push.

Reserve Today

The window of opportunity is closing to experience what it feels like to conquer the most majestic mountain in the front range. From the season standpoint, we are only weeks away from the first snowfall and the end of the non-technical climbing season on Longs Peak. So don’t miss the chance to climb with us and don’t even get us started about the wildflowers you will encounter. We hope to hear from you soon! Reserve your climb now!