6hoursnowshoeHiking can be enjoyed year-around with the proper equipment. Setting out on a hiking adventure without the proper gear can turn a perfect day into a dangerous one. Hiking trails can be covered in snow and ice no matter what the base of the trail looks like. Aside from the proper attire and supplies, those who embark upon Rocky Mountain hiking trips should pack a pair of crampons.

Specialized Crampons

There is a different crampon for each specialized winter activity that involves hiking, climbing, or trail running. A hiker will choose the crampon that best fits the conditions of the mountain. Trail running or mild-moderate winter hikes should always include a lightweight, metal traction coil crampon. The most well known brand is YakTrax. These low-profile crampons are not ideal for thick snow or excessive ice build up.

All Purpose Steel Crampons

General mountaineers should choose a crampon that is more sturdy than a YakTrax. Steel crampons with a semi-rigid construction are best for these scenarios. As these crampons are more heavy duty, they need to be a hybrid slip on with attached straps for more intense terrain.  The proper crampon should grip ice and shed thick snow easily. These mid-level crampons are not designed to climb.

Gear To Fit The Conditions

For those about to embark upon a difficult Rocky Mountain hiking trip, crampons should be heavy duty. These crampons should be a strap-on style, steel constructed, 12-points, with a semi-rigid design. Heavy duty crampons should give you confidence walking through thick snow, and ice. Find a pair of crampons that will give you the stability you need while hiking dicey trails. They will also allow uphill stability on ice.

Proper gear is imperative to winter hiking. Visit Kirk’s Mountain Adventures to schedule your very own Rocky Mountain hiking trip! Enjoy the beauty of Colorado year-around!