dreamstime_xxl_106393443Estes Park saw very little rain this summer. As a result, the fire marshals have placed a burn ban in the Rocky Mountain National Park and surrounding area. This means that campers cannot build the customary campfire at many campsites in the park. If you’ve been looking forward to camping and having that roaring campfire to lounge in front of at night, roasting marshmallows and hotdogs over an open flame, you’re in for a disappointment. However, burn bans don’t mean an end to camping fun!
Campground Fire Rings
Just because you’re camping next to a fire ring does not automatically mean you can build a campfire. Many campfire rings in backcountry sites are poorly constructed and will do little to properly contain a fire. Instead, bring a few lanterns with you and place them in the fire ring. You can still tell scary stories with added ambiance from flashlights and lanterns!
Camp Grills
Even with a fire ban in place, you’ll still be able to use a portable camp grill when you head out on your trip. While you won’t be able to bask in the warmth of a campfire, you will be able to prepare fantastic meals! Most camp grills can accommodate full-size skillets and pots, making cooking for a large group a breeze. There are two main types of stoves:

  • Backpacking stoves: These stoves make cooking in the backcountry simple without adding much weight to your pack.
  • Family stoves: Best used when car camping with the family, a family stove makes it simple to prepare a meal large enough for everyone.

Kirk’s proudly carries both backpacking stoves and family stoves for purchase or rental. Contact us for more details.
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