Guided Hiking Trips Estes Park
Are you sick of getting all of your exercise at a crowded gym? While it is important to work out and a gym certainly helps, studies have shown that there are many more benefits to getting your exercise outdoors, which is possibly why Colorado has the lowest obesity rates of any other state. Now that the snow is all melting away and days are getting warmer it is time to get outside again! If you are looking for new ways to enjoy the great outdoors then you need to turn to Kirk’s Mountain Adventures. We offer the chance to experience the Rocky Mountains like never before with our guided hiking trips in Estes Park.

Hiking with Kirk’s Is Good For You!

Hiking is one of the best ways to get your exercise because it combines all of the benefits of being outside with vigorous cardio exercise. Our hiking trips will allow you to experience beautiful lakes, rivers, waterfalls, and breathtaking mountain top views, all with the knowledge of a fully certified guide on your side. When you take a hiking trip with us we will provide you with all of the equipment that you need, plus snacks on our shorter trips and lunch on our longer trips. No one else does it like we do.

Get Outside!

Research shows that by spending even 5 minutes a day outside you could improve your self esteem and mood. Start benefiting from the great outdoors by going on one of our incredible Rocky Mountain hiking trips. We offer great deals and unparalleled adventures. Book your trip today.