It is officially springtime in the Rockies. That my friend, is one of the most magical times of the year. On any given day, you could be hiking a meadow with a fresh coating of emerging wildflowers and a mile later, need to strap on your snowshoes. The air seems cleaner and the streams run so cold that it seems almost impossible that the crystal clear water is still liquid. Yes, it is truly an amazing time in Rocky Mountain National Park, but are you sitting behind your desk wishing that you can get out there this weekend? You are in luck because Kirks Mountain Adventures is just gearing up for what is shaping up to be an a-mazing hiking season.

Elvis the Llama®

There are plenty of ways to get out there and experience the speech stealing beauty that are the Rocky Mountains in the spring. For instance, have you ever walked with a llama? Well at Kirks, we have llamas and they are exceptional trail companions. They will carry your stuff while you get to enjoy the walk, kind of like when you went to the mall with your mom when you were a kid, she always ended up carrying all the stuff you brought in her purse. So feel free to bring your camera with the 800mm lens and our guides will get you some amazing photo opportunities, all while Elvis the Llama stoically hauls your gear. Heck, Elvis will even haul your children, provided they don’t weigh too much.

Why Buy When Kirks Rents?

Feel like getting out there on your own? Kirks Mountain Adventures has all of the gear you will need to have an amazing springtime hike. This time of year, depending on your route, it is advisable to have snowshoes and maybe even crampons to navigate some of the higher trails. Don’t worry about buying your own snowshoes, we rent them, along with gaiters, packs and even Pulk sleds for pulling your kids! We also rent sledding tubes for some hill bombing at the former ski area of Hidden Valley up in Rocky Mountain National Park.


Come and join us up in the most beautiful place on earth, we can make this summer one you will never forget. So take the guided hike up Longs Peak or learn to flyfish like you always have wanted. With Kirks, adventure is only a phone call away!