day hike

dreamstime_xxl_107097202Anyone that has been on a hiking trip understands that it is a smart idea to bring along snacks. Snacks provide energy and calories that an individual expends during a hike. Packing snacks for long day hikes vs. short day hikes are two very different things. Still, packing snacks for a multi-day backpacking trip may prove even more difficult. Prior to setting out on your next Rocky Mountain hiking trip, it is important to think about what you will be packing to keep you feeling energized.

Homegrown Health

Many avid hikers have their own trail mixtures that they craft in the privacy of their own homes. These mixes can be specifically tailored to nutritional needs, preferences, and more. Unlike the store bought trail mixes, homemade hiking snacks may have less preservatives and artificial sweeteners. This means that they may be healthier! Before heading out on any number of Rocky Mountain hiking trips it is a good idea to determine the length and time of each hike. These factors will determine how much fuel (in the form of food) you should bring in your day pack.

Make Your Trail Mix Your Own

Do a little research about what types of seed & nuts, dried fruits, and cereals that you enjoy. Now, try throwing some of your favorite ingredients into a bag, and shake. Let them sit (in the closed bag) for a couple of hours and then try a small handful. It is your prerogative as to what you add into your mix but remember that nuts and seeds provide long lasting energy and essential nutrients. Dried fruits give quick carbohydrates, vitamins, and some added fiber. Dark chocolate is also great for energy and are packed with antioxidants.

At Kirks Mountain Adventures we offer guided day hikes that can last up to 8 hours. When you want to take a hiking trip but are unsure where to start, call Kirks Mountain Adventures!