KMA Snowshoe GroupWell up here in Estes Park the weather is just right for a day in the mountains, then again at Kirks Mountain Adventures, we think that every day is a good day in the mountains. We are Estes Park’s finest outdoor adventure provider. When you live and work in an area that is this amazing, it is hard to keep it to yourself. We love the Rockies and cannot wait to share them with you. Whether it is through guided hikes, backpacking trips, horseback or even llama pack trips we get you out there. There is always something going on at Kirks and we get out as often as we can.

This time of year, it is cold in the mountains and you may think that the best and most popular winter activity in Colorado is skiing. Well, you would be right, but if you have ever taken part in the Colorado ski scene, you know that it is high on cost and low on outdoor experience. Getting the true outdoors experience at most ski resorts is almost impossible. Thousands wait in lift lines for up to 30 minutes at a time and pay over $100 a day for the chance to slide down the mountain and dodge little kids cannonballing down the run. If this sound like your kind of fun, by all means go for it, that is the Colorado way, but if you are looking for a more intimate mountain experience with all of the challenge of a backcountry trip; the snowshoe expeditions from Kirks Mountain Adventures are ideal for you.

snowshoe1Now you may think that snowshoeing is not as dynamic as thrusting down the mountain at 40 miles per hour and it is not, and it is not supposed to be. Snowshoeing is one of the most challenging and beautiful experiences that you can have in the mountains. Particularly in Rocky Mountain National Park, where the beauty is seemingly right around every corner. It is not unusual to spot elk, mule deer, grouse or countless types of birds. When snowshoeing in the Park you will experience sights that few will ever get to see. Many of the roads in Rocky Mountain National Park guide you through gorgeous places, but in order to truly experience the park it is advisable to get off of the main road, and during the winter months, snowshoes are the way to go.

At Kirks Mountain Adventures, we offer a variety of packages to suit your fitness and adventure level. Our professionally guided trips can last 3, 6, or even 8 hours and even feature lunch or a snack, oh, and of course coffee and hot coco. We get you out there, into meadows with sweeping vistas of 14 thousand foot peaks and gorgeous canyons filled with pines. Truly off the beaten path a snowshoe trip with us is an experience that should not be missed. Don’t feel the need to take one of our trips? No problem, we rent all of the equipment you will need to get out there on your own and explore. Reserve your spot on an upcoming snowshoeing trip by clicking here.