Spring is on its way! At Rocky Mountain National Park, spring tends to come late; the park can get snow at any time of year due to the elevation! However, there are beautiful signs of spring that start to emerge around mid-March, such as the first of the mountain bluebirds, and the aspen buds. Now is the time to start planning for your Rocky Mountain hiking trip this spring. Here are some of our tips for hiking in the spring:

Dress in light layers

One of the trickiest parts about spring is how unpredictable the weather can be, particularly in Colorado. One minute, you may be sweating under the hot sun, and another, you may be battling snow and ice! That is why it is important when you are hiking to dress in light layers, and to carry extra layers with you as well. A light base layer, a midweight middle layer, and a waterproof top layer are a good start.

Carry plastic bags

Spring is a wet season, and even with waterproof shoes and clothes, it is a good idea to have access to plastic bags during your hike. Should you encounter very wet, slushy parts of your hike, you can use plastic bags to keep your footwear warm and dry.

Use hiking poles

Spring is also very muddy. Therefore, hiking poles can come in handy when you begin trudging through muddy or slushy portions of the trail. This extra stability will help you in the event that you get stuck in the mud.
In our next blog, we will continue to go over some tips for hiking in spring. When you are ready to plan a spring hike in Rocky Mountain National Park, call Kirk’s Mountain Adventures! We can provide the guidance you need to fully enjoy your hiking trip.