Lightning safety tips for your guided backpacking trip in Estes Park.
We have been getting a great deal of thunderstorms in Colorado over the past few weeks. In fact, last week there were two instances of people getting struck by lightning in the Rocky Mountain National Park. When you turn to Kirk’s Mountain Adventures for guided backpacking trips in Estes Park, you can be sure that your safety is always a priority. Stay safe on the mountain by utilizing the following lightning safety tips:

  • Check the weather before you go hiking! If the forecast predicts a storm, then consider hiking on another day. However, if the forecast predicts a sunny, clear day, it is important to still stay vigilant.
  • Anytime you hear thunder, you should always assume that lightning isn’t far behind. At the first sign of thunder, evacuate the area immediately. Lightning can sometimes precede rain, so you should never wait for rain before evacuating.
  • Stay away from high ground, instead find a valley or even a depression in the terrain, just be careful that you avoid an area where you will be exposed to flash flooding.
  • Avoid seeking shelter under a lone tree or a picnic area. While they may keep you dry, they will also attract lightning. Instead, seek out a low strand of trees.
  • Do your best to get below the treeline, but if you are unable, make sure that you get to the lowest point possible, preferably near large boulders for protection.

For more lightning safety tips while you are hiking, please stay tuned for our next blog.