Longs Peak picture - keyholeOne of the most anticipated events of all time is about to occur and Northern Colorado is in an amazing place to be able to witness it. No the McRib is not coming back, we are talking about the solar eclipse. The celestial event that has the whole country in a frenzy of viewing it. The traffic is expected to be bad enough that news outlets are warning travelers to pack extra food and water incase they are stuck in their cars. The whole thing sounds like a page right out of the apocalypse. At Kirks Mountain Adventures, we believe in doing things a bit more slow than the rest of the population. We are happiest on the trail and as far away from the bustle of daily life as possible. There is a certain peace that can be found in the mountains that is not accessible surrounded by throngs of people. That is why we do what we do, to get you out there and experience it for yourself. Our expert guides will be able to show you the serenity of the mountains from foot, horseback, or llama.

The Best Spot

As luck would have it, early August is an ideal time to attempt the crown jewel of Rocky Mountain National Park, Longs Peak. The weather is generally cooperative and success rates are high. The thing that makes this August differnet, particularly the 21st is the solar eclipse. Viewing the eclipse from the mountain is the ultimate spot and there is not much to obstruct your view of the more than 95 percent coverage that we will enjoy from Longs Peak. Besides, who wants to sit in traffic on the interstate when you can view the eclipse from 14 thousand feet up?

Commune With Nature

eclipse-1871740_1920If you have never witnessed a solar eclipse before you are in for a treat. The eclipse that is going to grace the sky on the 21st is going to be spectacular. What better place to witness this once in a lifetime than in the mountains? Leave the throngs of watchers behind and book a trip with Kirks Mountain Adventures. We can guide you on a day hike, a Longs Peak summit bid, a backcountry horseback riding excursion and a llama adventure, all to the perfect viewing area for the eclipse.

The Ideal Eclipse Viewing

As hyped up as this eclipse has been around the country, most viewers simply plan on stepping outside and looking up for a few minutes, wearing your NASA approved eclipse viewing glasses of course. But why not make this once in a lifetime opportunity into the ultimate experience? Besides, if you book now you will not have to deal with crowds of people jockeying to find the best viewing space, you will already have one. Getting your reservation in today is the best way to guarantee a spectacular, mountain eclipse viewing adventure! Choose from one of our outdoor adventures or simply rent all of the gear you need to get out there on your own. Contact Kirks Mountain Adventure for more details about our trips! We look forward to hearing from you!