day hike

mummykil22Preparing for an upcoming Rocky Mountain hiking trip can be incredibly easy if you follow certain guidelines. There are certain necessities that you should not skimp on and certain things that you can leave at home. A lot of your necessities are dictated by how long your Rocky Mountain hiking trip will be. Also, the season in which you have decided to hike will dictate the amount of necessities.

High Quality H2O

Water is one of the most valuable resources on Earth. It is also the one thing that people cannot live without. Dehydration can set in quickly with strenuous activity, hot weather, and urination. It is important that you take water with you on your next Rocky Mountain hiking trip. Every human needs water in order to survive. Since everyone has different metabolic speeds, the water needs of every individual varies. Carrying water is incredibly important, especially if there are no natural water sources (and you do not pack a filtration system) near your hike. There are many different guidelines for water consumption, but one of the easiest ways to remember; ¾ ounce water per pound per day with an additional liter per 4-5 miles of hiking.

Bring Extra Water

Additional water may be necessary if the humidity level is low, the wind is blowing, the temperatures are soaring, hiking at elevation, and higher than normal exertion level. Carrying water can become very heavy so avid hikers have begun to carry limited water with an additional filtration system to pull water from the environment when it is necessary. It is important to note that water intake is incredibly important even in very cold weather.

Come Hike With Us!

For more information about necessities for an upcoming Rocky Mountain hiking trip, contact the professionals at Kirks Mountain Adventures. We’ll help prepare you for any hiking trip, and we can even help you book the best Rocky Mountain hiking trips in the area!