Guided Backpacking Trips Estes ParkThere is nothing quite like hiking Rocky Mountain National Park. There is so much beautiful scenery and wildlife to encounter. Many people think that what they wear hiking doesn’t matter, because after all, you aren’t trying to impress anyone on your hike! However, what you wear can determine how comfortable you are, which can make or break your Rocky Mountain hiking trip. That is why our experts have come up with this guide to dressing on your hike:

  • Shoes- Clunky hiking boots can be cumbersome and annoying, but they often have the grip that you need to maneuver all of the different surfaces you may encounter during your hike. Another option may be sneakers, but they probably aren’t your best bet. Sneakers can be comfortable, but they won’t give you the same amount of grip. A good compromise would be to find lower rise hiking boots, to maintain the grip and the comfort you want.
  • Bottoms- Although you may be tempted to wear shorts on your summer hiking trip, you could be setting yourself up to getting poison ivy or uncomfortable bug bites. A better choice would be to wear loose-fitting pants to keep you cool, comfortable and protected.
  • Top- No one wants to be stuck in a sticky, sweat-logged shirt all day long. We suggest a shirt that was made for working out, so that it will whisk away your sweat.
  • Hat- A good hat, along with your favorite brand of sunscreen, can protect your face from the sun and its damaging UV rays.

Although you aren’t trying to pick up a date on your hiking trip, what you wear does matter! The clothes that you decide to wear can either make you sweaty and uncomfortable, or cool and fancy free.