1. 2 Day Backpacking Trips In Colorado

    Looking for a quick backpacking getaway this summer? At Kirks Mountain Adventures, we are no stranger to Rocky Mountain National Park backpacking trips. In fact, we have been guiding them for almost 20 years! Whether your group is looking for a guided overnight backpacking trip, or are just looking …Read More

  2. Snowshoeing, Tax Day and Bagging Summits

    It is here. Yep, the day that separates us from the British — Tax Day. Well to be fair, we revolted against taxation by the British so that we could keep our money at home. So really, we owe the British for our internal revenue system. This time of year is like Christmas for some of us because we …Read More

  3. Spring Break Adventure

    Spring break is here for most of the country and many of you are looking for the ideal experience to cap off the winter season. At Kirks Mountain Adventures, we have you covered. No matter what time of year you come to the Rocky Mountains, you are guaranteed to have an amazing time. There is just so…Read More

  4. Give The Gift Of The Outdoors

    With Thanksgiving approaching and the insane holiday season right around the corner, the question of what to get those needy relatives is looming. The outdoor gift experts at Kirks Mountain Adventures are here for all of your Christmas gift needs. Now, for some, gift giving is just about the worst t…Read More

  5. The Rocky Mountain Elk Rut

    If you are reading this you probably know how breathtakingly gorgeous Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park can be. This is particularly the case in Autumn, which coincidentally we are in the midst of right now. The days are a gorgeous blend of cool mornings, warm comfortable afternoons, and c…Read More

  6. View The Solar Eclipse With Kirks!

    One of the most anticipated events of all time is about to occur and Northern Colorado is in an amazing place to be able to witness it. No the McRib is not coming back, we are talking about the solar eclipse. The celestial event that has the whole country in a frenzy of viewing it. The traffic is ex…Read More

  7. Bag Longs This Year!

    You can see it at sunrise for miles, standing next to irrigated fields of beans and sugar beets on the eastern plains. When the sun strikes the eastern horizon, its rays fall upon a diamond shaped wall scratched into the east facing buttress of the gorgeous Longs Peak. Somewhere up on the mountain, …Read More

  8. Real Wilderness

    The big buzz around reality TV these days is survival and emergency preparedness. At any given time it is possible to flip on the TV and catch a show with survival as the premise. Some of them are bearded, some have long hair, they are wise beyond reason about the outdoors and seem to know everythin…Read More

  9. Training For Longs Peak

    One of the biggest bucket list items in most Coloradans minds is the northern peak that is visible way out onto the plains, Longs Peak. The most imposing mountain on the Northern Front Range is renowned, not only for its difficulty, but the massive reward of standing atop a western icon. Located in …Read More

  10. Experience the Rockies in the Springtime

    It is officially springtime in the Rockies. That my friend, is one of the most magical times of the year. On any given day, you could be hiking a meadow with a fresh coating of emerging wildflowers and a mile later, need to strap on your snowshoes. The air seems cleaner and the streams run so cold t…Read More