1. Four Reasons to Get Outside this Fall

    Nothing quite compares to the glittering of gold aspens in the fall. Our guided hiking trips in Rocky Mountain National Park will take you through some of the most beautiful forests in Colorado, where you’ll be able to take in all the fall colors! You’ve enjoyed seeing green leaves and grasses t…Read More

  2. Pet-Friendly Hikes in Estes Park

    There’s no doubt about it--Colorado is a pet-friendly paradise. Our guided hiking trips let you experience the full beauty of the Rocky Mountain National Park with an experienced local guide. However, the Rocky Mountain National Park only allows pets in certain areas of the park, making it difficu…Read More

  3. Best Crampons for Winter Hiking

    Hiking can be enjoyed year-around with the proper equipment. Setting out on a hiking adventure without the proper gear can turn a perfect day into a dangerous one. Hiking trails can be covered in snow and ice no matter what the base of the trail looks like. Aside from the proper attire and supplies,…Read More

  4. How to Pack for a Winter Rocky Mountain Hiking Trip

    Packing for winter day hiking trips can vary from how you would normally pack for a couple hours in the mountains. Winter hiking has different dangers than summer/spring hiking trips. If you are planning a winter Rocky Mountain hiking trip then you need to make sure that your backpack is well stocke…Read More