1. Christmas in The Rockies

    The most magical time of year is right now. The streets of practically every city in the country are covered with festive Christmas decorations and at least a few lights. The streets of Estes park are waiting for you to come and visit. The Christmas decorations are up and the snow has dusted the tra…Read More

  2. day hike

    Homemade Snacks for Long Hiking Trips

    Anyone that has been on a hiking trip understands that it is a smart idea to bring along snacks. Snacks provide energy and calories that an individual expends during a hike. Packing snacks for long day hikes vs. short day hikes are two very different things. Still, packing snacks for a multi-day bac…Read More

  3. day hike

    Water Consumption & Hiking Adventures

    Preparing for an upcoming Rocky Mountain hiking trip can be incredibly easy if you follow certain guidelines. There are certain necessities that you should not skimp on and certain things that you can leave at home. A lot of your necessities are dictated by how long your Rocky Mountain hiking trip w…Read More

  4. Guided Backpacking Trips Estes Park

    What to Pack When Hiking a 14er

    One of the secrets to successfully hiking a 14er is proper preparation. This can mean high altitude training, packing the right food, buying the right hiking gear, or dressing appropriately. Since a 14er is an all day adventure, a lot of preparation should be completed before the hike even begins. A…Read More

  5. Winter Guided Backpacking Trips in Estes Park

    Hit The Trail In Winter Backpacking trips should be enjoyed year-around. In Colorado the winter time can be both magical and beautiful. Experienced backpackers enjoy weekend getaways no matter what time of year. Inexperienced outdoors-men and women should consider finding a company to provide a guid…Read More

  6. Guided Snowshoeing and Hiking Trips Through Estes Park

    Many people feel that they cannot enjoy Colorado throughout the winter, but we are here to tell you that the beauty of the Rocky Mountains can be seen all year, and if you have never experienced it during the winter then you are missing out! We can offer you year round,¬†Estes Park¬†adventures with …Read More