1. Snowshoeing, Tax Day and Bagging Summits

    It is here. Yep, the day that separates us from the British — Tax Day. Well to be fair, we revolted against taxation by the British so that we could keep our money at home. So really, we owe the British for our internal revenue system. This time of year is like Christmas for some of us because we …Read More

  2. Spring Break Adventure

    Spring break is here for most of the country and many of you are looking for the ideal experience to cap off the winter season. At Kirks Mountain Adventures, we have you covered. No matter what time of year you come to the Rocky Mountains, you are guaranteed to have an amazing time. There is just so…Read More

  3. SnowShoeing the Winter Wonderland

    Well up here in Estes Park the weather is just right for a day in the mountains, then again at Kirks Mountain Adventures, we think that every day is a good day in the mountains. We are Estes Park’s finest outdoor adventure provider. When you live and work in an area that is this amazing, it is har…Read More

  4. Snowshoeing Trips: How To Prepare

    We’ve already started to get snow here in Colorado, and you know what that means — snowshoeing! Winter is one of our favorite seasons in Estes Park, and you should come and see the majestic beauty of our snow peaks for yourself! When you do, Kirk’s Mountain Adventures is here to help you get t…Read More