When you have your heart set on a backpacking or trekking adventure, it might be too expensive to go out and buy all of the gear without knowing if you will enjoy the activity. Kirk’s Mountain Adventures offers hiking gear, backpacking gear, and snowshoe rental that are high-quality and cost efficient. We have everything that you will need to make any adventure into one to remember!

Summer Rentals




Sleeping Bags $10/night
Sleeping Pads         $4/night
Tent (1- 2 person)   $10/night
Tent (3 person)   $12/night
Tent (4 person) $14/night
Tent (6 person)


Bear Canister       Free w/ Any Purchase!
Backpacking Stove         
Family Stoves $8/night
Child Carrier $10/day
Infant Carrier $10/day

Winter Rentals

MSR or Atlas Snowshoes – Mens, womens and childrens

Free w/ any purchase! or

Free w/ any purchase!
Gaitors                      $4/day
Child Pulk Sled - for child up to 60 lbs. Long handle bars w/ harness great for pulling along hiking in snow or snow shoeing. Accommodates car seats. $25/day
Sno Pro Sled
(1 person)
Double Trouble Sled
(2 person)
Plastic & Foam Sleds
(1-2 person)


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