Discover the beautiful Rocky Mountains with overnight backpacking trips from Kirk’s Mountain Adventures. Each trip offers a professional Rocky Mountain National Park guide to keep you safe while guiding you through the unforgettable wonders that are the Colorado Rockies. Each certified hiking guide is experienced and can accommodate a backpacker of any experience level and each trip can be fully tailored to fit your personal needs.

An Unforgettable Rocky Mountain national Park Experience!   

Rocky Mountain National Park offers over 200,000 acres of breathtaking scenery for an unforgettable backpacking experience, including hiking well-maintained trails or traveling rugged backcountry routes with isolated campsites. We can take you to serene high mountain lakes, cascading waterfalls or to the summits of towering peaks. Some of our most popular backcountry routes include traveling over the Continental Divide or summiting the majestic Longs Peak, at a staggering 14,259 ft. We have a hike for almost every skill level!

Backpacking Rates: $295/person/day Minimum of 2 people Or  Minimum of $590/day for 1 person

Kirks Mountain Adventures will provide all of your necessary equipment, including tents, sleeping bags, backpacks and food, reserve your backcountry sites and your guide will set up camp and prepare all of the meals.