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Most people are somewhat familiar with llamas. They probably know they are mountain animals that look funny at the very least and may know that they are pack animals and full of fun. Kirk's Mountain Adventures offers three, six, or eight-hour guided llama hikes through the beautiful Rocky Mountains. We are a pro-line fly shop and mountain adventure company, offering guided fly fishing, float trips, backpacking, hikes with llamas, and more. Below, learn more about our llama pack trips in Estes Park, and contact us today!

Our Llama

Pack Trips

Llama Day Trip

2 Person Minimum

Price per Llama

3 - Hour Trip

$120 per person $150

6 - Hour Trip

$150 per person $150

8 - Hour Trip

$175 per person $150

Please call (970) 577-0790 to book.


Reasons to Hike With Llamas in Estes Park

There truly are so many reasons for an Estes Park llama hike that we can't cover them all here. However, here are some great ones:

family on a llama

Because llamas can carry up to 60 pounds of gear, they can carry small children. This is great for families who love to go on long hikes, but their children aren't quite old enough to make it the full distance.

unique personality photo of a llama

Once you're around our llamas, you'll see quite quickly their unique and quirky personalities. Each one is different and special, and you'll fall in love before your trip is over.

unique experinces

Be ready to have other hikers stop and gawk at you (and they may even ask for a photo!). While hiking with llamas is gaining in popularity, they are still a novelty on the trails.


Llamas are calm, gentle creatures who don't make much of a fuss. Our llamas are well-trained, and you can expect a wonderful experience when you hike with a llama. Call today!

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Llamas are

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that makes them sure-footed and soft-footed, leaving little impact on trails

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Hiking with Llamas

To put it bluntly, llamas are easy. They are fun to hike with, fun to watch, and can be downright entertaining. They are not picky about their food, they don't spook as much like horses (nor do they kick), and they are great camp guards, alerting you if a bear comes nearby.

Lunch/Snacks Included. Kids under 60 lbs may ride a llama.

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