1. 2 Day Backpacking Trips In Colorado

    Looking for a quick backpacking getaway this summer? At Kirks Mountain Adventures, we are no stranger to Rocky Mountain National Park backpacking trips. In fact, we have been guiding them for almost 20 years! Whether your group is looking for a guided overnight backpacking trip, or are just looking …Read More

  2. Real Wilderness

    The big buzz around reality TV these days is survival and emergency preparedness. At any given time it is possible to flip on the TV and catch a show with survival as the premise. Some of them are bearded, some have long hair, they are wise beyond reason about the outdoors and seem to know everythin…Read More

  3. Pet-Friendly Hikes in Estes Park

    There’s no doubt about it--Colorado is a pet-friendly paradise. Our guided hiking trips let you experience the full beauty of the Rocky Mountain National Park with an experienced local guide. However, the Rocky Mountain National Park only allows pets in certain areas of the park, making it difficu…Read More

  4. What to Bring Backpacking

    Backpacking trips in Estes Park allow you to see the fantastic scenery of the Rocky Mountain National Park while enjoying a great deal of exercise. Maybe you’ve already taken a guided backpacking trip with one of our guides and gotten hooked. What do you need to take with you if you’re heading o…Read More

  5. The Dos and Don’ts of Backpacking

    At Kirk’s Mountain Adventures, we offer guided backpacking trips in Estes Park. If it is your first time backpacking, you want to properly prepare yourself for your adventure. Beyond getting the right gear, there are certain guidelines to keep in mind to make the experience the best it can be for …Read More

  6. Understanding & Avoiding Altitude Sickness

    Guided backpacking trips into Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park may be gorgeous, but there are inherent dangers when hiking and backpacking at higher elevations. Altitude sickness is a very real possibility since many hiking destinations begin at a location above 10,000 ft. People who are …Read More

  7. Choose The Right Backpacking Gear

    Backpacking is not for the faint of heart. Backpacking requires days and nights to be spent in the great outdoors. Cooking is completed over campfires and small stoves. At night, you curl up in a sleeping bag listening to the wind rustle the leaves and the sound of the forest and its animals. There …Read More

  8. Guided Hiking Trips Estes Park

    Breaking Into The Backpacking World

    The great outdoors have a magnetic pull on a great many people. Whether it be fly fishing, day hiking, or mountain biking, any activity outdoors can be relaxing and rewarding. As people become more comfortable outdoors they may begin to think seriously about an overnight or multi-day backpacking tri…Read More

  9. Guided Backpacking Trips Estes Park

    Proper Water Treatment Methods

    The crystal clear, cold, flowing waters of Estes Park may not be as clean as you believe. Small microbes, particulates, and bacteria that can lead to illness live in clear water. We know, you never worried about this when you were children, but things are different. Regardless of how wonderfully ref…Read More

  10. Conquer a 14,000 Foot Mountain This Spring!

    Conquering a 14,000 foot mountain by yourself may seem like a feat that you would not be able to accomplish. With the help of the experts at Kirks Mountain Adventures you can take on a 14,000 foot mountain this Spring! Guided backpacking trips in Estes Park, Colorado can include the Longs Peak Trail…Read More