1. Be Prepared When Hiking a 14er!

    Summer is the perfect time to conquer a 14er. The weather is perfect, you’ve had all spring to get in shape, and you won’t have to worry about the temperature plummeting below freezing along the trail. Before you set out on your trek, there are a few things you should do to be prepared.   Make …Read More

  2. Stay Entertained in the Backcountry

    Our self-guided llama camping trips in Rocky Mountain National Park offer a great escape from the daily hustle and bustle of city life. For many adventurers, it can seem like a challenge, coming up with things to do that don’t involve staring at a television screen for hours on end. Here are a few…Read More

  3. The Pros and Cons of Hiking Sandals

    At Kirk’s Mountain Adventures, we see a wide range of attire when people embark on a guided hiking trip with us. One of the most important clothing items you can bring with you is a sturdy pair of hiking shoes. There are many types of shoes to choose from, but hiking sandals are one of the most po…Read More

  4. Pet-Friendly Hikes in Estes Park

    There’s no doubt about it--Colorado is a pet-friendly paradise. Our guided hiking trips let you experience the full beauty of the Rocky Mountain National Park with an experienced local guide. However, the Rocky Mountain National Park only allows pets in certain areas of the park, making it difficu…Read More

  5. Helpful Hints for Your Overnight Horseback Trip

    What better way to explore the Rocky Mountain National Park than on horseback? You’ll see more of the park without the physicality of hiking the entire distance. Our guided overnight horseback trips are an excellent way for your family to see the park while experiencing camping with first class se…Read More

  6. One Last Vacation Before School Starts

    School is quickly approaching and the time to take advantage of the gorgeous weather is drawing to a close. This is the last chance that parents may have to bond with their children over the summer holiday. Pull yourself away from work and take your children on a guided hiking trip in Estes Park. Do…Read More

  7. Guided Backpacking Trips Estes Park

    Proper Water Treatment Methods

    The crystal clear, cold, flowing waters of Estes Park may not be as clean as you believe. Small microbes, particulates, and bacteria that can lead to illness live in clear water. We know, you never worried about this when you were children, but things are different. Regardless of how wonderfully ref…Read More

  8. Enjoy The Beauty of Colorado with a Guided Hiking Trip

    Spring is a time of wonder for Colorado natives. It is the time of year in which the snow begins to melt, the rivers begin to engorge, and the lands begin to turn green. This is the perfect time to get out of the house and experience nature at it’s finest. The Rocky Mountains offers hikers from ar…Read More

  9. Guided Hiking Trips Estes Park

    Best Boots for Guided Hiking Trips in Estes Park

    Choosing the right hiking boot can mean the difference between an enjoyable day at the mountains and stopping early due to blisters. It may take a long time to find a pair of boots that are perfect for the terrain and your feet. The wrong boots can turn a great day into one filled with pain and suff…Read More

  10. Part 2: How to Pack for a Winter Rocky Mountain Hiking Trip

    Winter hiking is one of the most gorgeous things you will ever encounter. The world just looks different when it is covered in snow. Rocky Mountain hiking trips are only dangerous for individuals that are not prepared for the trip or in the event of an emergency. If you want winter adventure, you …Read More