1. SnowShoeing the Winter Wonderland

    Well up here in Estes Park the weather is just right for a day in the mountains, then again at Kirks Mountain Adventures, we think that every day is a good day in the mountains. We are Estes Park’s finest outdoor adventure provider. When you live and work in an area that is this amazing, it is har…Read More

  2. Christmas in The Rockies

    The most magical time of year is right now. The streets of practically every city in the country are covered with festive Christmas decorations and at least a few lights. The streets of Estes park are waiting for you to come and visit. The Christmas decorations are up and the snow has dusted the tra…Read More

  3. Fall Guided Hiking Trips

    As the weather begins to cool and the days become shorter many people pass on hiking adventures. Just because the air finally has that chilly nip doesn’t mean that guided hiking trips in Estes Park should be overlooked! Rocky Mountain National Park is absolutely stunning during the fall. These mon…Read More

  4. Best Crampons for Winter Hiking

    Hiking can be enjoyed year-around with the proper equipment. Setting out on a hiking adventure without the proper gear can turn a perfect day into a dangerous one. Hiking trails can be covered in snow and ice no matter what the base of the trail looks like. Aside from the proper attire and supplies,…Read More

  5. Essential Winter Day Hiking Gear

    Winter day hikes can be much different than summer day hikes. The weather and temperature at the top of the mountain may be significantly different than at the trailhead. A guided hiking trip in Estes Park can prepare you for these different scenarios. Do not let cold temperatures or snow stop you f…Read More

  6. Part 2: How to Pack for a Winter Rocky Mountain Hiking Trip

    Winter hiking is one of the most gorgeous things you will ever encounter. The world just looks different when it is covered in snow. Rocky Mountain hiking trips are only dangerous for individuals that are not prepared for the trip or in the event of an emergency. If you want winter adventure, you …Read More

  7. How to Pack for a Winter Rocky Mountain Hiking Trip

    Packing for winter day hiking trips can vary from how you would normally pack for a couple hours in the mountains. Winter hiking has different dangers than summer/spring hiking trips. If you are planning a winter Rocky Mountain hiking trip then you need to make sure that your backpack is well stocke…Read More

  8. Lightning Safety Tips for Your Guided Hiking Trips in Estes Park

    When you go hiking during the spring and summer, you should always be wary of thunderstorms. In our last blog, we went over a few lightning safety tips to keep in mind during your guided hiking trips in Estes Park. Unfortunately, we had to cut our list short because we ran out of time. If you have b…Read More

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    Rocky Mountain Hiking Trips and Snowshoeing

    Are you sick of sitting around inside, just waiting for the winter to end so that you can get out and enjoy the great outdoors once again? Colorado has plenty to offer all year round, and we don't just mean skiing. Yes the slopes are simply amazing, but they aren't for everyone. We are Kirk's Mounta…Read More