1. 2 Day Backpacking Trips In Colorado

    Looking for a quick backpacking getaway this summer? At Kirks Mountain Adventures, we are no stranger to Rocky Mountain National Park backpacking trips. In fact, we have been guiding them for almost 20 years! Whether your group is looking for a guided overnight backpacking trip, or are just looking …Read More

  2. Camping During Burn Bans

    Estes Park saw very little rain this summer. As a result, the fire marshals have placed a burn ban in the Rocky Mountain National Park and surrounding area. This means that campers cannot build the customary campfire at many campsites in the park. If you’ve been looking forward to camping and havi…Read More

  3. Going Camping? Take Your Pup!

    If you’re like us, you can’t wait to get outdoors and enjoy the cooler weather. When you plan a camping trip, you often have to decide between bringing your dog or leaving him at home. Camping with a dog is a challenge, but we believe your four-legged friend should be able to enjoy nature with y…Read More

  4. Take Your Guests to Mount Evans

    Summer always seems to attract out-of-town guests to our beautiful state. Whether family or friends, there’s likely one thing on their mind – hiking a 14er. Unless your visitors are used to hiking and exercising at high altitude, taking them up Longs Peak probably isn’t the best idea. Altitud…Read More

  5. Stay Entertained in the Backcountry

    Our self-guided llama camping trips in Rocky Mountain National Park offer a great escape from the daily hustle and bustle of city life. For many adventurers, it can seem like a challenge, coming up with things to do that don’t involve staring at a television screen for hours on end. Here are a few…Read More

  6. Three Things to Consider Before Hiking Longs Peak

    Hiking Longs Peak is a fantastic way to start the summer off right, and Kirk’s Mountain Adventure has guided hiking trips so you won’t feel like you’re going it alone on one of the toughest hikes in Colorado. If you’ve thought about booking a guided trip up Longs Peak, or are considering mak…Read More

  7. Helpful Hints for Your Overnight Horseback Trip

    What better way to explore the Rocky Mountain National Park than on horseback? You’ll see more of the park without the physicality of hiking the entire distance. Our guided overnight horseback trips are an excellent way for your family to see the park while experiencing camping with first class se…Read More

  8. day hike

    Homemade Snacks for Long Hiking Trips

    Anyone that has been on a hiking trip understands that it is a smart idea to bring along snacks. Snacks provide energy and calories that an individual expends during a hike. Packing snacks for long day hikes vs. short day hikes are two very different things. Still, packing snacks for a multi-day bac…Read More

  9. day hike

    Water Consumption & Hiking Adventures

    Preparing for an upcoming Rocky Mountain hiking trip can be incredibly easy if you follow certain guidelines. There are certain necessities that you should not skimp on and certain things that you can leave at home. A lot of your necessities are dictated by how long your Rocky Mountain hiking trip w…Read More