Longs Peak picture - keyholeConquering a 14,000 foot mountain by yourself may seem like a feat that you would not be able to accomplish. With the help of the experts at Kirks Mountain Adventures you can take on a 14,000 foot mountain this Spring! Guided backpacking trips in Estes Park, Colorado can include the Longs Peak Trail which stands at a towering 14,259 feet! People from around the world come to Estes Park to conquer this behemoth mountain! Imagine the sense of accomplish you would feel after a day or overnight trip up the Long Peaks Trail!

Be Prepared

For help with preparation for a 14,000 foot mountain expedition, check out our previous blogs about the basics of hiking a 14,000 foot mountain and how to pack for hiking this type of mountain. Kirks Mountain Adventures offers a day trip or an overnight trip when you have decided to hike the Longs Peak Trail. A day hike will start early in the morning at 2am! The weather patterns at the top of the mountain can be quite different than at the bottom, so an early start time is imperative! The overnight trip will require a stay at the gorgeous Boulderfield. All of the food and equipment is provided by Kirks Mountain Adventures. This means that anyone can try this amazing hike without spending outrageous amounts of money for the proper equipment!

Kirk’s Can Get You There

Not many people can say that they have successfully hiked to the top of a 14,000 foot mountain. You would be in the minority of people that can boast about the grueling hike, the amazing guides, and the absolutely breathtaking views from the summit. Experience Colorado in the way it was meant to be experienced with the help of Kirks Mountain Adventures. Call today to set up your guided backpacking trip!