The Lowdown On Hiking With Llamas

If you are looking for an interesting activity in Estes Park, then our llama hiking trips may be just the ticket! These trips are perfect for the whole family, regardless of age or ability. Enjoy the majestic views of Rocky Mountain National Park while a llama carries your equipment, or perhaps even your child!

Elvis-the-llamaYou may think that the idea of hiking with a llama is a little out there, but llamas are naturally suited for transporting things across the mountain terrain. Native Americans have used llamas for this purpose for centuries. They can carry heavy loads, and do not require much water, making them well-suited for Colorado’s dry climate. If you are interested in a guided hiking trip with a llama, contact Kirk’s Mountain Adventures today! In the meantime, here are some fun llama facts to get you excited for your hiking trip:

  • Llamas are native to South America, and are related to camels.

  • Llamas do not play nice — when they have a problem with a fellow llama, they will stick out their tongues and spit on them!

  • A baby llama is a “cria.” Llamas usually only have one cria in their lifetime, and their pregnancies last almost a whole year.

  • Llamas can travel up to 35 mph, though they don’t get nearly that fast on our hiking trips!

  • While llamas are pack animals, if you put too much weight on them, they will refuse to move. Eighty pounds is generally their limit.

  • Llamas can also act as guard animals, protecting farmers’ fields from coyotes.

  • Llamas have three stomachs.

  • Llamas live between 15 and 30 years.

Come on a hiking trip with Kirk’s Mountain Adventures and meet one of these fascinating creatures!