Guided Hiking Trips Estes Park

dreamstime_xxl_12558600Choosing the right hiking boot can mean the difference between an enjoyable day at the mountains and stopping early due to blisters. It may take a long time to find a pair of boots that are perfect for the terrain and your feet. The wrong boots can turn a great day into one filled with pain and suffering. Individuals who are ready to take a guided hiking trip in Estes Park, CO can get some help choosing the right hiking boot from the professionals at Kirk’s Mountain Adventures.

Choosing The Right Boot

There are four main categories in which hiking boots should fall into; hiking shoes, hiking boots, backpacking boots, mountaineering boots. All shoes should offer some degree of water resistancy. Choosing the right shoe for the activity you are participating in is incredibly important. Taking on a 2 day adventure in your hiking shoes may lead to fatigue and painful feet. On the other hand, bulky hiking boots are not advised on short hiking trips unless they are the most comfortable pair of hiking shoes that you own. The right pair of outdoor shoes should also be quite comfortable and fit your feet well. When your feet slide around in the shoe, you will lose insulation. If the shoe is too small, you’re in for pain.

The rule of thumb when taking a guided hiking trip in Estes Park; lighter loads require lighter footwear. The longer and more difficult a trip is, the heavier boots you should purchase. Anyone who is looking to do strenuous hiking in snow should look into mountaineering boots which were designed to fit easily with crampons. Choosing the right hiking boot can be hit or miss, trial and error is the only surefire way to find the pair that works for you!

Contact Kirk’s Mountain Adventures to set up your guided hiking trip in Estes Park. With a professional on your side you will be able to enjoy the great outdoors because you will feel safe and secure in your surroundings. We look forward to showing you the beauty of Colorado.