In our previous blog, we began to go over some tips for hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park during the spring. Here, we will continue to go over the best tips for making the most out of your guided hiking trip with Kirk’s Mountain Adventures this spring:

Choose the right shoes

dreamstime_xxl_12558600One of the most exciting parts of the weather getting warmer for a hiker is being able to retire your heavy hiking boots for the season and use your hiking sandals instead. However, spring is unfortunately too unpredictable to opt for sandals. It is better to use comfortable hiking boots instead. Be sure that your boots fit you tightly, but not too tightly, and provide the support and traction you need to get the most out of your spring hike.

Stay hydrated

The best way to prepare yourself for your spring hike is to ensure that you are hydrated, particularly in the high elevations of Rocky Mountain National Park. Try using a lightweight hydration pack on your journey.

Be aware of avalanches

Even though winter is over, there are still avalanches in spring. Educate yourself on avalanches and listen to your guides about the proper way to avoid avalanches during your spring hike.

Mind the snow and mud

The melting snow of spring creates a big, muddy mess of a hike. For some people, this makes it more appealing, but for others, it might deter them from hiking during the spring. If you are less inclined to trudge through mud, plan your trip around the snowiest parts of the trail; our guides will be able to help you determine where the best place to avoid mud will be. You may also consider wearing gaiters to avoid the mud, and carrying snowshoes, just in case you do encounter snow.
When you are ready to hike Rocky Mountain National Park this spring, Kirk’s Mountain Adventures can help. Contact us about our guided hiking trips in Estes Park!