At Kirk’s Mountain Adventures, we offer guided hiking trips in Estes Park. One of the most rewarding trips we offer is our Longs Peak trip, during which you will ascend to the top of the highest peak of the park at 14,259 feet. Longs Peak is the northernmost 14er in the Rocky Mountains, and people travel from all over the world to climb it. During our trips, our guides will help you in any way we can, but there is a certain level of fitness that is required to climb over 14,000 feet. Here, we outline some ways you can train to climb Longs Peak on one of our our guided hiking trips in Estes Park:
Cardiovascular exercise
Guided Hiking Trips Estes ParkIt is essential to be in good cardiovascular shape before climbing a 14er. Therefore, an integral part of your training should be cardio. Run or cycle at minimum twice a week for 30 minutes if you are not an experienced runner, then move up to 45 minutes. As you get closer to the hiking trip, also be sure to include climbing into your routine. If your gym has a Stairmaster, it can be helpful because it mimics the steepness of climbing the summit of a mountain. Do not rely on the hand rails, as they won’t be an option when you’re climbing Longs Peak! Also begin to include a 10-lb backpack or vest in your workouts, as this will mimic the backpack you will carry up the mountain.
Strength training
Additionally, you should also work on building your strength, as you will be climbing rocks, jumping across rivers, and carrying extra weight with you on your hike. Some beneficial exercises include squats, step-ups, calf raises, crunches, and chin-ups. Try doing lunges on a Bosu ball to mimic the instability of rock climbing, and prepare for carrying your backpack by doing lower back exercises. Strength train a minimum of twice a week.
14ers are challenging, but incredibly rewarding. Contact Kirk’s Mountain Adventures to schedule your guided hiking trip in Estes Park today!