Best Foods For Rocky Mountain Hiking Trips

Guided Hiking Trips Estes ParkThere are a few essential items that every single hiker will take with them no matter how far a hike; great shoes, water, jackets, and food. Forgetting snacks and food can be one of the biggest mistakes that a hiker can make. Hiking, no matter the location, will use up a lot of energy and calories. In order to keep up energy levels, good foods are necessary. Food preparation is also great just in case there is a mishap and you spend longer in the mountains than you originally planned. Rocky Mountain hiking trips can go south without the proper snacks!

Aside from keeping up energy, decreasing hunger, and giving the body essential calories, food also keeps up morale. If you have ever been on a hiking trip without the proper nutrients, chances are high that someone on your hike became very grumpy. Even if your hike is only an hour long, bring some food along as a precaution. Never forget to bring water, water can be life saving!

Hiking Fuel

Eat a good, nutrient rich breakfast prior to the hike. Bring along foods that travel well and will give you necessary calories. Here are some examples of great short to moderate day hike snacks:

  1. Carrots

  2. Peanut butter

  3. Trail Mix

  4. Cut apples

  5. Banana

  6. Crackers

  7. Granola Bars

  8. Beef Jerky

  9. Nuts

  10. Dried Fruits

If you are an inexperienced hiker, the best option is to hire a qualified guide from Kirk’s Mountain Adventure. Rocky Mountain hiking trips are even better when the guide is knowledgeable, food is abundant, and everyone is enjoying their experience. Call us today to find out more about our day hike adventures! We have an adventure for everyone. Book a trip with us today!