What to Pack When Hiking a 14er

dreamstime_l_15580219One of the secrets to successfully hiking a 14er is proper preparation. This can mean high altitude training, packing the right food, buying the right hiking gear, or dressing appropriately. Since a 14er is an all day adventure, a lot of preparation should be completed before the hike even begins. All of the Rocky Mountain hiking trips can be dangerous if they are taken lightly. Kirk’s Mountain Adventure can help people achieve their goal of reaching the peak of a 14er and our staff will even help with preparations!

Watch the Weather

The weather patterns at the top and the bottom of a 14er can be vastly different. For this reason, everyone who decides to head up to the summit of a 14er should dress accordingly. Layering the proper, moisture wicking, clothing will help keep chafing to a minimum. Layers also work very well when the temperatures fluctuate during a hike. You can stay warm by adding clothing or cool down by shedding a couple of layers. Think of the stress you will be putting on your feet during this journey. The proper hiking shoes are necessary. Shoes should be comfortable, stable, and waterproof. Never wear brand new hiking shoes on a 14er, you may regret that decision. A 14,000 foot hike can be a feat in and of itself so the preparations should NOT be put off until the last minute.


Now, when people hike and exercise for a full day they will burn a lot of calories. Think about how cranky you can get when you go without food for a couple of hours. Now think about what that would be like when hiking all day. Food is the fuel of the body. This is the reason that packing the right food, and proper amount of water is probably the most important aspect of a full-day hike. A full day hike may necessitate close to 5,000 calories and 2 gallons of water. Pack accordingly.

Kirk’s Can Outfit Your Expedition

For help planning your 14,000 foot adventure, call Kirk’s Mountain Adventures. Our experienced and professional guides can help you reach the summit safely! We even offer adventures with Llamas to take the stress of wearing a pack off of our guests!