1. Fall Guided Hiking Trips

    As the weather begins to cool and the days become shorter many people pass on hiking adventures. Just because the air finally has that chilly nip doesn’t mean that guided hiking trips in Estes Park should be overlooked! Rocky Mountain National Park is absolutely stunning during the fall. These mon…Read More

  2. Guided Backpacking Trips Estes Park

    Proper Water Treatment Methods

    The crystal clear, cold, flowing waters of Estes Park may not be as clean as you believe. Small microbes, particulates, and bacteria that can lead to illness live in clear water. We know, you never worried about this when you were children, but things are different. Regardless of how wonderfully ref…Read More

  3. Enjoy The Beauty of Colorado with a Guided Hiking Trip

    Spring is a time of wonder for Colorado natives. It is the time of year in which the snow begins to melt, the rivers begin to engorge, and the lands begin to turn green. This is the perfect time to get out of the house and experience nature at it’s finest. The Rocky Mountains offers hikers from ar…Read More

  4. Best Foods For Rocky Mountain Hiking Trips

    There are a few essential items that every single hiker will take with them no matter how far a hike; great shoes, water, jackets, and food. Forgetting snacks and food can be one of the biggest mistakes that a hiker can make. Hiking, no matter the location, will use up a lot of energy and calories. …Read More

  5. Essential Winter Day Hiking Gear

    Winter day hikes can be much different than summer day hikes. The weather and temperature at the top of the mountain may be significantly different than at the trailhead. A guided hiking trip in Estes Park can prepare you for these different scenarios. Do not let cold temperatures or snow stop you f…Read More