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    Fall Is The Best Season At Rocky Mountain National Park

    Fall is a gorgeous season. The chill in the air and the changes to the scenery of Rocky Mountain National Park are only part of the beauty. Hiking any time of the year is always enjoyable but we truly enjoy the fall months. Rocky Mountain hiking trips through Kirk’s Mountain Adventures are the per…Read More

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    What to Pack When Hiking a 14er

    One of the secrets to successfully hiking a 14er is proper preparation. This can mean high altitude training, packing the right food, buying the right hiking gear, or dressing appropriately. Since a 14er is an all day adventure, a lot of preparation should be completed before the hike even begins. A…Read More

  3. Basics of Hiking a 14er

    Many people have a bucket list that they are slowly but surely marking off their feats and adventures. Many of these lists contain “hiking a 14er.” What does that mean exactly? A 14er is a mountain that has a peak at or above 14,000 feet. These gorgeous mountains make for breathtaking views and…Read More

  4. What to Wear on Your Rocky Mountain Hiking Trip

    There is nothing quite like hiking Rocky Mountain National Park. There is so much beautiful scenery and wildlife to encounter. Many people think that what they wear hiking doesn’t matter, because after all, you aren’t trying to impress anyone on your hike! However, what you wear can determine ho…Read More