dreamstime_xxl_599243As the weather begins to cool and the days become shorter many people pass on hiking adventures. Just because the air finally has that chilly nip doesn’t mean that guided hiking trips in Estes Park should be overlooked! Rocky Mountain National Park is absolutely stunning during the fall. These months bring out the true beauty of the plants. So if you are thinking about getting out and connecting with nature, Kirk’s Mountain Adventures offers guided hiking trips in Estes Park that will lead you to some of the most gorgeous views you have ever seen.

Fall in Rocky Mountain National Park!

Rocky Mountain National Park holds many wonders that are only visible during the fall months. The experienced guides at Kirk’s Mountain Adventures know exactly where to take our guests so that they experience Rocky Mountain National Park like they are suppose to. One thing that may be unexpected are the brilliant colors of the Aspen trees. The Aspens begin to change the color of their foliage from green to shades of yellow, red, and orange. When you have never seen the change in foliage, it is not to be missed this around this time of year. This is also the time of year in which the overwhelming crowds begin to thin out. Our guides know exactly where to take their clients so that they see more of nature than other people. Don’t worry, guided hiking trips in Estes Park will ensure that you do not get lost while out on your day hike. You will experience the beauty of Rocky Mountain National Park and will be home in time to warm up and eat a hearty meal.
To schedule a guided hiking trip in Estes Park, CO to Rocky Mountain National Park, contact Kirk’s Mountain Adventures. We will even let you dictate exactly what happens on your adventure!